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Common Dog Poisons and What to be Aware of

Unfortunately there are many things around the home, in the garden and on walks that can harm your dog and which are potentially poisonous to them.  Because we cannot tell our canine companions to avoid these things, it is down to us to

Is Your Cat Getting the Right Nutrients?

Like all animals, your cat needs a diet that's properly balanced and contains all the required nutrients in correct quantities. These nutrients are water, protein, fats and oils, carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins. Most manufactured pet food should provide your cat with this

Introducing Cats and Dogs

Dogs and cats do not have to be enemies; in fact they can be the best of friends. They certainly don’t naturally hate each other. The problem is that most dogs love to chase and most cats will run if they see a big, hairy hound hurtling towards them at speed! If a puppy

Who's a Good Doggie!!

Every dog owner wants a well behaved, happy dog. However, you’ll need to put in some effort to achieve this! The way that a dog behaves has a lot to do with how it is brought up and also the dog’s breed. It is particularly important that puppies up to the age of 12

To Neuter or not to Neuter?

What does neutering mean?

Neutering is a simple operation that prevents male and female pets from reproducing by removing their sexual organs – for males it is called ‘castration’ and for females the operation is called ‘spaying’. B

How to Deal With a Pet Emergency

Encountering an emergency situation with your pet can be one of the scariest things pet owners may have to go through. Knowing some of this basic first aid information can help you deal with the situation in the best possible way and in some cases m

Spoilt Valentines Day Pets

With Valentine's Day just passed, many of us made plans with our loved ones, whilst others made plans and bought gifts for their four legged friends. You might be surprised at just how spoilt some pets were this Valentine's day.

Christmas Cautions- How to Keep Your Pet Safe

We all love Christmas, even our pets! They notice all the excitement, the extra visitors and the new toys and treats. But it is important to realise not all aspects of the festive season are enjoyable for our pets, and we have to be extra cautious a

Is Your Pet Overweight?

As a pet owner, we all know how hard it is to resist those puppy dog eyes and cries of hunger that we often receive from our pets; guilting us into giving them that extra piece of meat off our plates, and scooping in that extra bit of food into their dinner bowl each night. It

Dealing With The Loss of a Pet

For many people a pet is not “just a dog” or “just a cat.” Pets are beloved members of the family and, when they die, you can feel a significant and even traumatic loss. The level of grief depends on factors such as your age and personality, the age of

How to Care for your Senior Companion

All dogs age at a different pace but dogs are generally classed as ‘geriatric’ when they reach the age of 8 years old. Certain changes will occur in your dog’s body as they get older; important bodily functions may start to slow down and their general pace of

3 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About your Veterinary Practice

Welcome to the blog. I will be keeping you entertained with plenty of pet stories, useful tips and news from my time so far working as a student veterinary nurse, my own crazy feline and also interesting animal news from around the word.

I am currently stud

What is Your Dog Really Thinking?

Your canine companion slumbers by your side, but are they dreaming of you? Do they feel guilty about stealing your steak off the kitchen counter and eating it for dinner? What ar

Move Over Cats & Dogs - It's All About the Exotic

The ownership of exotic pets is becoming more and more popular. These pets can be fun to own but there are also other important considerations to take into consideration such as how to look after them and give them proper care. Here are a few popular weird and wonderful pets and

Is a Dachshund Puppy Right For You?

Meet Lincoln. Lincoln is a 12 week old smooth hair dachshund and has been part of the family for just over a month now. He has settled in very well to everyone’s delight, however our cat Moozy isn’t overly impressed with his new little brother. Saying that he has b

Expert Advice: How to Care for Your New Puppy

Taking on a new puppy is a huge responsibility and requires a lot of your time, attention & love. It can be confusing to know the best ways to care for your puppy so here are some top tips from some veterinary professionals.

You will usually take your puppy home at

Does Your Pet Have Dental Dilemmas?

Dental care for your pets can easily be overlooked and forgotten about. We may even joke about how unpleasant our pet’s breath is, but dental care is in fact very important and if left unmanaged for a long period of time; can result in plaque and tartar build up which event

Going To The Vets? Find Out What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

Veterinary practices are a busy, thriving environment and full of activity every day. Clients rely on us to take care of their pets and do the best we possible can for them – and that we do!

People are always very interested to know what a day in a veterinary cen

The Super Siamese

Siamese cats are one of the friendliest breeds of felines and are known to be more ‘dog like’ than any other breed, the reason for this being they thrive on human attention and become very close to their family.

My Partners’ cat ‘Moozy’ is