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Spoilt Valentines Day Pets

With Valentine’s Day just passed, many of us made plans with our loved ones, whilst others made plans and bought gifts for their four legged friends. You might be surprised at just how spoilt some pets were this Valentine's day.

Many of us love to treat our pets, and even splurge out on them. This year pet owners around the world spent millions of dollars on gifts for their pets – buying them everything from personalised collars and diamond tiaras to expensive pet clothing and even dog perfume.

Here are some of the most extravagant gifts bought for pets on Valentine’s Day:

Mink Fur Coat

This here is a mink fur coat for dogs priced at around $1000. Not sure if this is a well-known fact – but dogs already have fur coats :-)

Versace Pet Bowl

A Versace pet food bowl – we would hope even the most finicky of pets would eat whatever comes in this designer bowl which is priced at $750

Swarovski studded cat flap

Your feline will certainly get a royal entrance with this ridiculously overpriced cat flap at £1700 

250 Carat Tiara

This is a homemade tiara made for this extremely spoilt little fellow and is worth $4.2 million. Yep – you heard right- 4.2 million. We hope it's not too heavy for his little head.

Whatever you budget I hope your pets were pampered this Valentines day.  I'm sure your pets appreciated the love and attention.


Student Veterinary Nurse