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The Super Siamese

ImageSiamese cats are one of the friendliest breeds of felines and are known to be more ‘dog like’ than any other breed, the reason for this being they thrive on human attention and become very close to their family.

My Partners’ cat ‘Moozy’ is a beautiful black Siamese, and became part of the family from the first day he was bought home. He makes us laugh everyday with his playful, soft nature and he definitely knows how to get what he wants with that innocent face.

If you are thinking of owning a Siamese cat there are many points to consider, they may not be for everyone, due to their dislike of being alone and somewhat ‘needy’ nature. They grow a close connection to the family and may become stressed or upset if left without company for too long. However, there are ways to help your kitty cope such as providing toys or hiding treats around the house – something which will require them to use their brain and will keep them entertained for long periods. Also leaving a window open or a cat flap available will allow them to go in and out of the house as they please and explore outside.

They are very adventurous, curious animals and love keeping their selves occupied by discovering new things or just by annoying the neighbours! Moozy regularly sneaks through the neighbours windows and makes himself at home in their bed!

Moozy getting too comfy..

Moozy getting too comfy..

He enjoys watching what everyone is up to and always likes to get involved with our activities. He will supervise us when we are cooking, cleaning or watching the TV, he will be on our laps when we sit down and even has his own side of the bed. He will talk to us and let us know his opinion too, whether he’s happy to see us or he really enjoyed his dinner that night; he’ll let us know!

Siamese are great with other people and animals, especially other cats. They love to have a play mate and if you are out of the house a lot; another cat will be great company for them and prevent loneliness. It may be advisable to introduce a new pet into the family when they are a kitten so they can bond from a young age; Siamese will become very house proud and a new pet may upset them or they may not get along due to them being protective of their environment. However if they are bought up together, they will bond and usually get along very well!

2 siamese

Siamese cats will house train very easily as kittens and will never usually leave anything unwanted on your floor, which is always a bonus.

Don’t be alarmed if there are a few mice or rats left at your doorstep; cats tend to bring them home as presents for you. Never tell your cat off for doing this; it is just them telling you they love you! (Honest)

Another great thing about Siamese cats is that they are not prone to illnesses and need only few trips to the vet. The Siamese are scarcely seen in the veterinary practice which we consider a very good thing!

However, remember to keep on top of preventative health care such as worm, flea treatment and annual booster vaccinations, Siamese love exploring the outside world so these treatments will be essential for them.

Your local veterinary Practices will be happy to give you advice and tips on bringing in new furry members of the family, and will recommend the best treatment and care for whichever breed you chose.


Student Veterinary Nurse