Pet Sitter

Leigh Sack

Maroubra, NSW, 2035, Australia
Name Leigh Sack
Username Leigh.s
Gender Female
Birthday 01-01-1970
Address Maroubra, NSW, 2035 Australia
Experience caring for pets 9 Years
Type of accommodation House with garden
Pet accessories at home None
Price per day $30
Price per hour $10
Why would you be a great pet sitter? I am OBSESSED with pets. Especially dogs. My German Shepherd of 12 years recently passed away and there is currently a massive void in my life without him. Ideally, I would get myself a new pet, however I wish to move to an apartment soon and therefor would have to disown any pet I would adopt (I'm a big dog lover, wouldn't settle for something smaller than a Labrador! But I love pets of all shapes and sizes). I have enough free time on my hands and my own car to treat your pet to walks, outings, adventures or just cuddles in front of the tv. Any sort of service for your pet, I will almost certainly be able to and more importantly, WANT TO, provide!!

About Me

I am a university student at the moment with hopes of graduating soon to go travelling the world! My number 1 passion was my German Shepherd. I loved him so much and miss him every day. Whenever I am at a friend's house, I almost always neglect my friend to go play with their pets. I am obsessed with dogs. For my birthday, my boyfriend took me to a German Shepherd breeder and played with all the puppies. This was one of the best days of my life! I can't own a pet at this point in my life, but a temporary situation like this website provides would be ideal! I have a huge garden for roaming and playing and know of many dog friendly beaches which I would only be TOO happy to take your dogs too.

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