Pet Sitter

Grace Geary

Naremburn, NSW, 2065, Australia
Name Grace Geary
Gender Female
Birthday 01-01-1970
Address Naremburn, NSW, 2065 Australia
Experience caring for pets 16 Years
Type of accommodation Apartment with Balcony
Pet accessories at home None
Price per day $20
Price per hour $15
Why would you be a great pet sitter? I have had dogs for most of my life! At one point we had 3 dogs in our home however now I just have one little guy, Alfie. He is a very social Pomeranian who loves having other dogs around so puppy sitting would be as much as a treat for him as it would be for me. I like to take him everywhere I go so I will happily do the same with your dog if thats what would make your dog happy! We live within a 5 minute walk of a great dog park and I spend most of my time at home playing with Alfie. I love dogs more than anything so any opportunity to have another one for a while is a pleasure for me.

About Me

I am 23, living with my partner and dog in Naremburn. I love animals and I am always looking for ways to spend more time with them (hence taking up the chance to dog sit!). I walk my dog, Alfie, twice a day and spend hours playing with him. I work 3 days a week however my boyfriend is often home during the days that I work so that Alfie is rarely alone. I would love to mind your dog so please contact me to discuss!

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